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17 Aug 2017

Sydney Wedding Photography

You will want the best wedding photography because your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. The amount of preparation that goes into any wedding reception cannot be overstated. A professional wedding photographer will help capture the fruits of this preparation with top wedding photography, preserving the images for future generations. Even though we live in an age where photos are taken daily on smartphones most couples will still spend money on professional wedding photography to […]

13 Aug 2017
Angelica and Andre wedding_ doltone house-42

Other Uses of Image

Wedding Photography Occasionally the happy couple want to use their wedding images in something other than an album or a framed image. It is not uncommon to see coffee mugs or plates with a photorealistic image. The best wedding photography can usually translate to posters and other realistic mediums. But other mediums, such as silhouettes or decals, are a different matter, and the professional wedding photographer is not optimising for these. Top Wedding Photography The top wedding photographer will usually […]

10 Aug 2017

Taking The Wedding Cake

Wedding Photo - Taking the Cake There is considerable effort spent on wedding cakes. Though not quite the main item a cake will be an essential part of the wedding photography. A Wedding photographer must be able to produce an immaculate image of the cake. . Professional Wedding Photography Professional wedding photographer standards must be high. Top wedding photography should be of magazine quality. This is a helpful association as there are plenty of magazine images of fancy cakes and […]

29 Jun 2017
Angelica and Andre wedding_ doltone house-39

Posing Individuals

Some people, perhaps all of us at times, dislike photos of ourselves because we become too aware of our imperfections. Sometimes we dislike even posing for the photos. This is a mixture of vanity and honest; vanity because we want to be seen in a flattering light, honesty because we know we’re not as appealing as we would like to be. But when it comes to taking a wedding photo we have to include everybody there at least in some […]

22 Jun 2017
Amanda and James QVB Wedding-24

Top wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Meet and talk with the couple beforehand, and discuss what images they are looking for. Make a list, which will be your minimal requirement. Show the couple other shots you have done. They will probably want to recreate a few images/ideas. Get every combination of shots with relatives. If a few don’t get used, that’s ok. The secret art to this type of photography is to capture everything important about the day while discreetly staying in the background. Observe all […]

13 Jun 2017

Sydney Wedding Photography

The best wedding photography responds to the particular situation. No two weddings are alike, so we need to capture what is important at that particular occasion. Nonetheless, there are some ideas, concepts and even standard images that we can bring to the occasion in order to produce the best possible work. Even the most experienced and best wedding photographer still needs to meet in advance with the engaged couple and make plans. There will always be certain images, and a […]

31 Dec 2016
amanda and James wedding QVB-31

The Tea Room QVB Wedding: Amanda & James

Venue: The Tea Room QVB  Ceremony: St George Greek Orthodox Church  Photo Location: Hyde Park Illuminar wedding photography team feel the luckiest when we get to shoot a wedding with a kind and gorgeous bride like Amanda. She simply glowed on her wedding day and her beautiful spirit was calming to everyone around her. Working with her on her special day was a dream! Her short-sleeve dress was beautiful and fit her perfectly - it’s no wonder that James couldn’t take […]

31 Dec 2016

Doltone House Wedding: Anita & Davide

Venue: Doltone House, Sylvania Waters   Ceremony: St Benedict Church  Photo Location: Argyle Street Our photographers are always thrilled to be able to shoot a wedding at the gorgeous Doltone House in Sydney! Being Sydney wedding photographers mean we get to shoot and amazing locations, but this one in particular is a favourite! Watching Anita get ready in her gorgeous long-sleeved gown while surrounded by her wonderful bridesmaids was a wonderful experience. She was a stunning bride and we really […]

31 Dec 2016

Curzon Hall Wedding: Rebecca & Anthony

Venue: Curzon Hall   Ceremony: St Patricks Cathedral     Photo Location: Martin Place, Curzon Hall Our photographers could not be more smitten with Rebecca and Anthon! We were blessed in our ability to help them celebrate their big day at their Curzon Hall wedding. Rebecca looked amazong in a gorgeous strapless dress and Anthony couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Their wonderful personalities and love for each other was obvious in every shot that we took of them. They were […]

31 Dec 2016

Doltone House Wedding: Angelica & Andre

Venue: Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf  Photo Location: Centennial Park  Illuminar Wedding Photography team are so grateful to be part of Angelica and Andre’s  Doltone House Wedding in Jones Bay Wharf. Angelica were simply amazing in every single moment, which made our job much easier. Our sydney wedding photography team felt overwhelmed by the bridal party’s energy on the location shoot. The decoration of the venue in Doltone House was simply breathtaking. Every single details were perfectly tuned. The Lebanese  dance […]