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13 Aug 2017
Angelica and Andre wedding_ doltone house-42

Other Uses of Image

Wedding Photography Occasionally the happy couple want to use their wedding images in something other than an album or a framed image. It is not uncommon to see coffee mugs or plates with a photorealistic image. The best wedding photography can usually translate to posters and other realistic mediums. But other mediums, such as silhouettes or decals, are a different matter, and the professional wedding photographer is not optimising for these. Top Wedding Photography The top wedding photographer will usually […]

10 Aug 2017

Taking The Wedding Cake

Wedding Photo - Taking the Cake There is considerable effort spent on wedding cakes. Though not quite the main item a cake will be an essential part of the wedding photography. A Wedding photographer must be able to produce an immaculate image of the cake. . Professional Wedding Photography Professional wedding photographer standards must be high. Top wedding photography should be of magazine quality. This is a helpful association as there are plenty of magazine images of fancy cakes and […]