Sydney Wedding Photography

You will want the best wedding photography because your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. The amount of preparation that goes into any wedding reception cannot be overstated. A professional wedding photographer will help capture the fruits of this preparation with top wedding photography, preserving the images for future generations.

Even though we live in an age where photos are taken daily on smartphones most couples will still spend money on professional wedding photography to document their big day. It is easy to ask friends to take photos, as they probably will without being asked. But such photos are little more than a document of the day, fine for Facebook but little else. Top wedding photography captures the atmosphere of the wedding in the same way that a portrait captures the character of a person.

People who spend more on the overall wedding tend to spend more on the wedding photography. If the event is so important it justifies the expense of the photography. Put another way, couples usually spend 10 – 15 % on the wedding photographer. A bigger overall wedding budget just means the portion allocated to the photographer can be higher. But a fancy wedding is well worth preserving in an album of fine images.

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