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Wedding Photography

Occasionally the happy couple want to use their wedding images in something other than an album or a framed image. It is not uncommon to see coffee mugs or plates with a photorealistic image. The best wedding photography can usually translate to posters and other realistic mediums. But other mediums, such as silhouettes or decals, are a different matter, and the professional wedding photographer is not optimising for these.

Top Wedding Photography

The top wedding photographer will usually be aiming for the slick magazine images. But it is possible to convert at least some slick professional wedding photography into other formats with specialized digital app, or sometimes just general Photoshop. The conversion will require a suitable starting image are a little manipulation skill. Different starting images will suit different end goals.

Some possibilities for Sydney Wedding photography:

  • Two Tone - these are popular as computer decorations or wall decals. Basically the image is just two colours, but made to capture the details of the individual(s) in question. This is more 3D than a silhouette. Think of the famous image of Che Guevara for an idea of this.

Achieving a good two tone image depends on having an appropriate wedding photo. Some work much better than others.

  • Oil painting – many portrait type images convert well to oil paintings. Individuals or small groups also work well. You may have trouble achieving this with general photography programmes, but specialized software works quite well.
  • Cartoon – software programmes that convert professional wedding photography to cartoon images are useful for coffee mugs or cards. These images can also be applied to cake decorations.
  • Old fashioned traditional – Black and white or monochrome images allow a modern wedding image to look like something from yesteryear.

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Consider other uses for you wedding photography images.

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