Taking The Wedding Cake

Wedding Photo - Taking the Cake
There is considerable effort spent on wedding cakes. Though not quite the main item a cake will be an essential part of the wedding photography. A Wedding photographer must be able to produce an immaculate image of the cake. .

Professional Wedding Photography
Professional wedding photographer standards must be high. Top wedding photography should be of magazine quality. This is a helpful association as there are plenty of magazine images of fancy cakes and cuisine, both in cooking publications and weekly women’s magazines. A little study of these might prove helpful.
For a wedding cake image
Try using a long lens – 100 to 200mm. The idea is to keep the cake focused and the background suitably blurred, so a long lens should do this. Avoid using a wide lens which will tend to distort the cake’s proportions.
Scout around and find the right angle for the cake.
If possible, try using natural light. Experiment by positioning yourself 90 degrees for the light source. The cake will look better if the light and shadows bring out all the details.
Use artificial light if natural light options aren’t satisfactory. Start by placing it 90 degrees to the side, but experiment to find a suitable graduation. Soft light, bounced off a wall to the left, is usually better than direct illumination, but occasionally intense, direct light works for some cakes.
If the cake has a lot of detail, texture rather than flat images, try taking a few close shots. Experiment with lighting angles to capture all the detail.
Traditional cakes are white, which causes the same problem as traditional white wedding dresses – The large white object can appear much brighter than the background. We can find the background become too dark when the white cake seems right, or the white object ends up appearing too bright when the background is normal. It is better to lean towards the darker, blurred background. Automatic camera settings will rarely get this right.
Accessories near the cake can work well, but the cake should remain the main focus.

The Sydney Wedding Cake Snap Shot
Often the guests with a camera or mobile phone will probably take a photo or two of the cake. If they use a digital camera they might have a setting for ‘cuisine’, which should be a good first option. Experiment with the other options.
Digital cameras and phones can often obtain a reasonable image of a cake of the light is good. The automatic adjustments will allow an acceptable, if generic, result. Make sure the cake is the focus of the image, and avoid any background distractions.
If you compare a good professional image of the cake with most automatic camera / mobile phone snapshots, you will appreciate the art of the top wedding photographer.

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