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Some people, perhaps all of us at times, dislike photos of ourselves because we become too aware of our imperfections. Sometimes we dislike even posing for the photos. This is a mixture of vanity and honest; vanity because we want to be seen in a flattering light, honesty because we know we’re not as appealing as we would like to be. But when it comes to taking a wedding photo we have to include everybody there at least in some images, So the wedding photographer need to know how to get people to pose comfortably.

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A few tips for the professional wedding photographer:

  • Straight, rigid photos look unnatural, or at least old fashioned. Very skinny people can make this work.
  • The more limbs we bend (if only slightly) the better. Fluid is better than rigid.
  • Ask the individual to angle the top of their body 45 degree relative to the legs.
  • Posing is by definition unnatural and not spontaneous. But like acting it is meant to represent natural, spontaneous behaviour. Try reproducing something you have seen earlier on I that individual.
  • Side on views almost always look better than straight-on poses, though rows of people can work for group shots.
  • The closest person to the camera often get the least flattering position. Professional models can make this work, showing that there is something to being a model.
  • Nobody is completely symmetrical, if they have a better side, use that.
  • Shorter people can hide their height by sitting, as can taller people.
  • Overweight people can stand partially behind somebody
  • Some lenses (wider shots) make the people on the outside look broader; either put thin people here, or partially conceal the individual.
  • Try angling the individual’s head back.
  • Ask the individual to put their tongue at the top of their mouth, or just behind the front teeth.
  • A slight squint can make a smile look more natural.
  • Don’t have everybody in the same pose, unless it is meant to be comical.
  • Little children will respond well to a surprise appearance toy. Adults may respond well to the little children.

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A top wedding photographer will use any tricks at his or her disposal. There are no set rules; Experience is the best teacher, but sometime what worked for one individual does not work in another situation. Yet in this digital age we can keep taking images until we get the wedding photo that we wish to keep. We will forget the temporary frustration, and have the great images forever.

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