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The best wedding photography responds to the particular situation. No two weddings are alike, so we need to capture what is important at that particular occasion. Nonetheless, there are some ideas, concepts and even standard images that we can bring to the occasion in order to produce the best possible work.

Even the most experienced and best wedding photographer still needs to meet in advance with the engaged couple and make plans. There will always be certain images, and a particular wedding photo, that the couple want. These are the things you cannot afford to miss. The wedding happen once, there is no second chance.

The wedding photographer might benefit from some co-ordination when it come to the group shots. Some wedding, usually more elaborate ones, have wedding co-ordinators. Other wedding have a dominating mother-in-law who take charge. Either can be helpful in arranging the huge staged shots with all the relatives in neat rows. And as they will know the members of the family far better than you they can make sure you have every grandparent from both sides of the family included in the appropriate images.

As well as the staged shots a lot of wedding photography is there to capture the spontaneous moments. We would be right to say that we can’t know about these spontaneous events in advance, but some planning does help a little. If we scout the location in advance, attend the rehearsal, and if we know just where happy couple will stand when taking the vow, throwing the bouquet …etc., we can plan a good position for getting a great image of these ‘spontaneous’ moments.

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Look to capture everything in the wedding shots. This includes everything from a closeup shot of the ring in an apprioriate setting to the large group shot of everybody in attendance.

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