Reflecting On the Image

Wedding Photo

Mirrors and reflective surfaces can ruin or add to a photo. If approached deliberately they can work to the photographer’s advantage; but if mirrors accidentally include something unwanted in the final image, like strong light of the can photographer, ruin everything.

The Best Wedding Photography

The best wedding photographer will use the surroundings to his or her advantage. This might mean using a pool or mirror to capture the reflection the subject. Almost any subject can be enhanced by a good reflection.

Further wedding photo effects can be achieved with glasses; try a shot of the happy couple reflected in somebody’s eyeglasses, giving the impression that we are seeing the sights from their perspective. Else, a drinking glass or any reflective surface can be used to get an ‘alternate perspective’ shot.

At other times people’s glasses can be an inconvenience, especially in group shots.


- Having people remove their glasses. Sometimes they are reluctant to do this as the glasses are part of their appearance.

- If the glasses are small have the individual look over the top of them. Observers will look at the eyes, not the glasses.

- Asking individuals with glasses to look in a certain direction that avoids reflecting light.

- Provide some shade.

- Diffuse the light on the subject so there are no bright reflections.

- With diffused light the glasses hide the eyes in a pleasant way, rather like mirror sunglasses.

- Change the angle at which you take the photo

- As a last resort some reflections can be removed with Photoshop.

Almost anything can be used to artistic effect, as long as it look to be a deliberate part of the photo. Wedding photography can definitely be arty and creative, as long as it suits the style of wedding and the couple there. Any good wedding photographer will use everything there to his/her advantage.

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