Paradiso Wedding: Dragana & Stavros

Venue: Paradiso

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Our Illuminar Wedding photographers were thrilled when we were asked to be a part of Dragana and Stavros’ Serbian wedding. This couple has an amazing personality and incredible chemistry and we knew that they day would be something really special. We were not wrong and were blessed to spend the day celebrating with some of the most fun wedding guests that we’ve ever been allowed to be a part of! The lovely bride was poised, confident, and happy, and the groom looked more in love than ever. They celebrated with multiple generations and we loved that so many ages were included in this amazing day.

From the incredible strapless dress that Dragana wore to the perfectly tailored suit that Stavros had on, the eye for detail was amazing. This wedding was flawless, with class and elegance in every moment. Shooting on location in Paradiso meant that we were able to capture incredible backgrounds in our shots. We especially love the one of the newly married couple against the sunset. Hopefully that will remind them daily of the love they shared on their wedding day!

Dragana and Stavros’ gorgeous first day gave way to a fun evening of dancing. Our photographers loved the opportunities to shoot so many amazing photographs of such a fun wedding party and their guests. Everyone present contained a huge love of life and we had so much fun! This couple is surrounded by people who love and support them and Dragana, our stunning bride, enjoyed the busy day to the full while still looking as amazing as ever even after dancing and enjoying their incredible meal. We at Illuminar Wedding Photography wish you both the best in your lives together! We hope that our photographs help you remember how much fun you had this day and the love that you share.

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  1. I love the photos from our wedding I incidentally found them on google, thank you for capturing every moment

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