Longuevue Wedding: Monique & John

VenueLonguevue   Ceremony: St Mary’s Concord   LocationLonguevue

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Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the participants in this gorgeous wedding we were able to shoot. The Longuevue in Sydney was the perfect venue for Monique and John’s amazing wedding! Monique made a stunning bride and her beautiful personality shown throughout the day and in the details that she had picked out. Her short sleeve dress was absolutely incredible with fine stitching and an eye for detail. She looked like a dream and we were all thrilled for her on this amazing day. We were blessed to be able to capture the look of pure love on John’s face when he saw her coming down the aisle to him. It was a dream wedding and they were able to celebrate it surrounded by family and friends, having the time of their lives.

The light pink dresses on the bridesmaids and flower girls were a lovely shade and made for gorgeous pictures. We loved the fur stoles that they were all wearing to keep warm! They looked feminine, happy, and gorgeous. We loved the amazing shots of the bridal party on the incredible spiral staircase. The love between John and Monique is obvious to everyone around them. This Lebanese wedding was a perfect mixture of class, elegance, and fun.

The reception that followed this amazing wedding was nothing short of spectacular. With candles on the tables and decorated LED branches, Monique was able to transform this room into a wonderland fit for her on her special day.From the moment that the happy couple entered, Illuminar photography could feel the excitement in the air. From the amazing toasts from family and friends to the fun dancing, this wedding reception was one for the books! We at Illuminar photography wish Monique and John the best in the many years to come!

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