Conca D’oro Wedding: Lina & Milos

Venue: Conca D’oro    Photo Location: Royal Botanic Gardern

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Lina is the kind of bride that you don’t soon forget. When she contacted us to help her out on her special day we were immediately in love with her excitement and love of life. She did not disappoint, and her gorgeous wedding was infused with details that made it clear that she had had a hand in planning this amazing day. Her husband, Milos, couldn’t stop looking at her. Everyone lucky enough to be able to celebrate this amazing day with Lina and Milos watched as the love he felt for her turned into a lifelong commitment of marriage.

Lina’s long-sleeved gown transformed at the reception into an incredible sleeveless one that was perfect for celebrating and dancing the night away with her family and friends. The joy that Milos and Lina felt during their special day was obvious. They are such a fun couple to work with! This Conca D’oro wedding provided spectacular locations to take wedding pictures and we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and sky. Some of the pictures of Milos and Lina taken outside are truly breathtaking and we hope they will serve as a wonderful reminder of this incredible day for the rest of the lives.

The incredible pink bouquets that the bridesmaids carried coordinated perfectly with their soft pink dresses. Lina has an eye for detail as well as being fun and outgoing and she did not miss an opportunity to make her wedding and the reception as beautiful as possible. We loved being a part of this day! Our photographers loved your amazing venue and fun bridal party. May your marriage be filled with the memories of this incredible day of love and we hope that your passion for each other makes for a long and healthy life!






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